Waterloo Tea - Loyalty Card Design

Waterloo Tea house serves upmarket teas and coffees, with light lunches and local home-baked cakes. They currently have three tea houses situated in Cardiff, Wales.

I was commissioned by Waterloo Tea to create their first loyalty card, being given full creative freedom to create a fresh new concept that represents both their personalty and values, and communicates to their customers.

'Waterloo Tea is committed to an ongoing exploration of the world's finest teas' using this message as the core of the design was essential to the outcome. Exploration was the theme, how do I create a loyalty card that entices customers to explore? 

The concept design was inspired by passports and travel stamps, as people visit each of the three stores they get a 'EXPLORED' stamp. Along side this they are given the chance to claim a free drink: by exploring each of the five types of tea. This idea encourages the buyer to explore something different each time whilst giving them a sense of adventure.

Creating a visual design that looks both different and appealing was vital in order to compliment the design concept. Using tea leaves as the stamping area helped to achieve this; creating a circular pattern using the tea leaves entices people to complete the design by collecting the stamps. The stamps are custom made, adding security to the process.

The design works as one cohesive piece, by controlling the information displayed on each section I was able to create a friendly, informative and aesthetically pleasing loyalty card.