Andrew Beef Johnston Logo

Andrew 'Beef' Johnston Brand Identity & logo Design

Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston is arguably the most popular figure in golf. Affectionately nicknamed ‘Beef’ in his youth for his ‘Beef head’ Johnston has carried this moniker through his career. After winning his first European Tour title at the Open de Espana in 2016, Beef became a global fan favourite overnight. Thousands of fans bellow his famous nickname whilst following him around the course and just like the UK fans, the Americans love his outgoing demeanour, his huge beard and his love for steak and burgers.

When researching Beef I instantly connected with his image, I knew just by his Instagram that he was not your everyday ‘square’ golfer. He has character, he has a different look and he breaks the mould.

This was the perfect opportunity to bring a fresh, exciting brand into the sport of golf and 'Beef' was the perfect vehicle to move it.

Andrew Beef Johnston Logo design process


During our first meeting Beef mentioned that he’s always been bigger than golf and looking to expand into the food and beverage industry in the future. His mission was pretty simple:

“I just want to win tournaments and have fun”

so early on I knew I had to create a logo that represents winning but also has scope for expansion.

The design process began with exploring many variations and directions for the logo design. I felt the flag concept best captured Beef’s personalty, from golf to his personal interests.

In golf the flag represents winning, the aim of the game is to get the ball to the flag

Andrew Beef Johnston design ideas
Andrew Beef Johnston design ideas
Andrew Beef Johnston logo grid

Beef loves streetwear brands and New York urban culture so it was important to add that touch of urban within the design. The letterforms were inspired by streetwear brands such as Bape and Supreme; solid and bold.

Beef brand colour palette
Beef logo polo

Fans are always shouting and cheering ‘Beeeef’ so it was important to give the logo a voice, a sense of sound and motion which is all tailored to Beef.

Beef Hoodie
Beef golf ball

The overall structure of the logo gives the feeling of distance, direction and focus which is synonymous with golf.

Beef Hoodie